Hi, I’m Emme and I’m 15 years old. I’m a swimmer, cyclist, and runner, as well as a proud member of the IRACELIKEAGIRL endurance team.

Last year, I fulfilled my dream of swimming across the Northumberland Strait in support of Brigadoon Village. Participating in The BIG SWIM 2018 had a profound impact on my life. I formed many friendships with my fellow BIG swimmers and the amazing people involved with Brigadoon Village and GIVETOLIVE. Further, I became inspired to lead a purposeful life.

I embrace GIVETOLIVE’s mission of living a happy and healthy life through “generosity, fitness, and achievement of the extraordinary.” I’m adopting GIVETOLIVE’s mantra, “Make 2019 Extraordinary,” so I’m attempting all three events this year: The BIG CHILL, The BIG RIDE, and The BIG SWIM. Please follow me on this exciting journey to make 2019 extraordinary.